Passer Ratings: Through Week 17

Below are my passer ratings through week 17. See here for the methodology (including an update as to what the numbers actually mean). Basically, the values can be loosely treated as the number of points a team would score with a given QB (passing offense) vs if they had an average QB. So, if Peyton has a 5.75, this means that his team is scoring 5.75 more points per game than if they had an average QB in his place.

Click here (available Wednesday) to see the full write-up in the NYTimes Fifth Down Blog.

Passer Rating Through Week 17 NFL Stat
(Minimum 224 Attempts)

New RatingTraditional Rating
RankPlayerRatingChange From Wk 16RatingRank
1Philip Rivers5.170104.43
2Drew Brees4.720109.61
3Tony Romo3.46397.68
4Tom Brady3.44(1)96.29
5Matt Schaub3.35098.67
6Peyton Manning3.20(2)99.96
7Brett Favre2.933107.22
8Aaron Rodgers2.533103.24
9Eli Manning2.44(2)93.111
10Ben Roethlisberger2.25(1)100.55
11Donovan McNabb1.94(3)92.912
12Vince Young1.44082.818
13Kurt Warner0.61093.210
14Joe Flacco0.28088.913
15Kyle Orton0.17086.814
16Matt Ryan-0.64080.920
17Jason Campbell-0.90286.415
18David Garrard-0.94(1)83.517
19Carson Palmer-1.34(1)83.616
20Chad Henne-1.83075.222
21Jay Cutler-2.21076.821
22Alex Smith-2.40081.519
23Marc Bulger-3.50370.724
24Matt Hasselbeck-3.52075.123
25Mark Sanchez-3.56263.028
26Josh Freeman-3.80(1)59.930
27Matt Cassel-3.94269.925
28Ryan Fitzpatrick-4.00N/A69.726
29Jake Delhomme-4.36(1)59.431
30Matthew Stafford-4.64061.029
31Brady Quinn-4.84067.227
32JaMarcus Russell-6.66050.032

Passer Ratings:  Week 17 Only

1Brett Favre13.5
2Aaron Rodgers9.3
3Tony Romo7.2
4Matt Cassel5.6
5Ryan Fitzpatrick4.3
6Matt Schaub3.3
7Jason Campbell3.1
8Philip Rivers3.0
9Charlie Frye2.6
10Daunte Culpepper2.3
11Jay Cutler1.9
12Billy Volek1.7
13Ben Roethlisberger1.2
14Matt Moore0.5
15Tom Brady0.0
16Alex Smith-0.8
17Kyle Orton-1.0
18Chad Henne-1.1
19JaMarcus Russell-2.4
20Vince Young-3.1
21Peyton Manning-3.2
22Donovan McNabb-3.2
23Matt Ryan-3.4
24Mark Sanchez-4.4
25Eli Manning-6.0
26Matt Hasselbeck-6.3
27David Garrard-6.5
28Josh Freeman-7.5
29Matt Leinart-7.6
30Joe Flacco-8.2
31Mark Brunell-8.2
32Curtis Painter-11.7
33Keith Null-13.2

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