New Passer Rating Down

Because I did not (yet) have game-by-game data by down, the rankings by down are calculated based on an average opponent – 6.2 Y/A (including sack yardage).

First Down Rating
(Minimum 70 Attempts)

1Drew Brees1966.59
2Matt Schaub2166.21
3Peyton Manning1914.75
4Tony Romo1874.47
5Tom Brady2164.12
6Donovan McNabb1703.93
7Ben Roethlisberger1913.81
8Joe Flacco1763.11
9Philip Rivers1653.05
10Jason Campbell1732.98
11Mark Sanchez942.16
12Eli Manning1982.05
13Brett Favre1511.82
14Kurt Warner2031.73
15David Garrard1861.15
16Matt Hasselbeck1871.05
17Kyle Orton1600.86
18Marc Bulger800.53
19Carson Palmer156-0.69
20Aaron Rodgers198-1.23
21Chad Henne150-1.48
22Josh Freeman81-1.61
23Jay Cutler195-2.04
24Matt Cassel167-3.09
25Matthew Stafford129-3.12
26Matt Ryan148-3.57
27Alex Smith123-4.42
28Jake Delhomme124-5.02
29JaMarcus Russell106-10.90

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